DataOpeners is a network organization based in The Netherlands, committed to contribute to the transformation of the international development aid sector.

Are you a purpose driven organization with the ambition to be more transparent and engaging about your activities, and are you interested to find out how an open data approach can help you achieve your goals in a more efficient and effective way then we should talk.

  • We deliver strategic and implementation consultancy with our DO OpenUp program based on the IATI Standard. We already work for Dutch government and several NGO's. We also do Inspiration or Expert Talks to share our vision or get you and your organization updated on latest developments.

Are you an innovative tech company or a data scientist or otherwise active in the open development movement? Then we want to talk to you because only by co-creation we can realize transformation.

  • We are looking for DO Smart Partnerships complementary to us to develop innovative and relevant tools so this open data approach can be effectively translated to business and communication strategies and meaningful use.

Speak to you soon!!